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Abu Dhabi Fishermen Co-operative Society’s President, said: “We are committed to providing the highest quality of products and services that meet the demand for quality seafood products among Abu Dhabi’s resident population".We offers our customers a diverse range of seafood commodities at the best value.


  • Issuing card services (captain's citizen) of Abu Dhabi Environment Ministry.
  • Issuing sailor card (for fishermen) of the Environment Ministry of Abu Dhabi.
  • Issuing services card for the workers at the port and bani yas department.
  • Renewal of boats and fishing licenses.
  • Receiving the fishing tools numbers (Gargoors).
  • Issuance the entry permits of the accommodation.

    Ice and freezing Cooperative factories (No.1) in Abu Dhabi Society for fishermen cooperation. As well as further three more factories to be set in different regions. The plant consists of a large warehouse to store ice products. The ice factory has a capacity of 100 tons per day and Ice Factory production (No. 2) With a production capacity of 50 tons per day. We provide the fishermen needs of ice daily almost (800) mould of ice. Provide the needs of the other fish markets approximately (600) mould of ice daily. Provide the public requirements (for the customers) of the ice nearly (200) mould of ice daily. Provide the fish market requirements at the port branch almost (1200) mould of ice per day.


  • Lifting the boats and sailors ships.
  • Lifting the jet skis.

    This is the most important section in this Fishermen association. Where Abu Dhabi Cooperative different kinds of Society works to provide seafood's from around the world (fresh or frozen) and all the staff are certified by HACCP “Hazard analysis and critical control points". we opened our multi-specialty market at mushrif mall it was the biggest multi-specialty market in the middle east and world. Now we completed a success full year with providing high quality services to the peoples and fishermen.


    The Society provides grill fish services by several ways, by competent chefs and modern equipment.